Vampire Academy Series Review

Vampire Academy Series Review

Vampires are back in my world. I was done with vampires long back since too many bad experiences with them. My friend after swearing up and down that Richelle Mead’s vampiric world is almost believably real and couldn’t be put down, suggested me to read this series saying, my experience with vampires will drastically change after this series. 

Lets get started on how or whether it changed. 

Vampire Academy series

Author : Richelle Mead

Total books: Six (Vampire Academy,Frostbite,Shadow Kiss,Blood PromiseSpirit Bound,Last Sacrifice)

Genre : Young Adult, Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal 

Series rating : 3.5/5


The first book starts with the lead character Rose Hathaway and her best friend Princess Lissa Dragomir coming to St.Vladimir’s Academy, an educational institution for the nocturnals, after being on the run. It’s a place where the good vampires Moroi learn magic and half vampires Dhampirs are trained to be guardians to protect the moroi from Strigoi, the evil vampires . This book introduces us to the key characters, with loose twists and predictable action thrown in at the end. It is more of a base for the remaining books. 

From book 2 the plot thickens and from there it’s one hell of a roller coaster of action and emotions. Almost all the books ends in a cliffhanger which makes us anticipate the next one eagerly. Thankfully the series is complete otherwise would have lost my mind waiting for it. Mead’s writing is fast paced which suits the action packed storyline very well. 

The thing I liked about Mead’s lead protagonist Dhampir Rose is she isn’t whiny , sad or annoyingly selfless. She is snarky, sassy, sarcastic, slightly selfish and kicks some major ass. That made being inside her head that much more interesting. Her wit & humour was refreshing and enjoyable. Though Rose is the lead, the supporting characters have their own stories as well which adds to the intrigue. This is gonna make reading the spin off Bloodlines that much more interesting.

On the whole Vampire Academy series is a story about love, loyalty, friendship, betrayal with a kick ass heroine & interesting secondary characters in a well etched out action packed plot. A must read for those who crave adventure and thrill with a side package of romance. A Thumbs Up!  

(PS – It is so difficult to write a book review without revealing any spoilers! *wipes brow*)