Of Healthy Homes and Happy Monsoons 

Of Healthy Homes and Happy Monsoons 

Homes are our abode, our safe haven. They are a stretch of who we are.  

Like us, Our Homes too require specific care every season with monsoons being the most demanding. 

Monsoons are beautiful but it also brings with it an array of vectors, viruses and bacterium. 

As the germs grow more on damp and wet areas, Waterproofing your house before the onset of monsoons is one solid way to ensure you enjoy the beauty of the season to the maximum. Fix the leaks and cracks, the faults in the faucets and be delighted with scenic beauty of the rains. 

Monsoons also brings in different kinds of vectors. The most annoying of all being the Flies. You just cannot escape them. We can cook and keep the food covered, but the unwelcome pest will somehow find a way inside. Use of insect repellents is one way to chase them off. Putting on the Mosquito Net over the windows also helps. Cleaning the floors with salt water twice or thrice daily is an effective home remedy against Insects. Also, Indoor plants are better left outside in this season for it attracts vectors more. 

Our homes are only as healthy as we are. We step into puddles and go through potholes to reach our homes during monsoons. Though we wash our hands and feet thoroughly, the muddy chappals/shoes stay neglected in a corner. This is how some germs (read diseases)enter our houses. We bring it ourselves and let them breed. Keep yourself and your home hygienic by washing your footwear in antiseptic liquid, daily. 

Monsoons though a lovely season, the perennial dark clouds may sometimes make you miss the bright sunshine. Though we don’t have the power to change seasons, we can make our homes look less gloomy. Decorate your beds and cushions in bright warm colours (red,yellow and orange) and give your home a happy feel. Planting some bright flowering shrubs will not only make the garden look beautiful, it will also give out positive vibes to our homes and make the overall ambience Cheerful. Planting Tulsi also helps in keeping insects at bay. 

Keep homes clutterfree. Keep it neat and tidy. Often, after the hard day’s work and the rough and tough travel, all we wanna do is have some piping hot food and sleep. The mess in kitchen, things all strewn across the sofa, the dirty laundry resting in the machine lay completely procrastinated for the next day. Alas! Next day happens to be the same story. Coming home to chaos & mess affects our moods on a daily basis. Keeping your homes clean as a routine makes one happy & relaxed in the long run. 

The beauty of monsoons will be enjoyed more by taken proper precautions & giving tender, love and care to ourselves & our homes.

How we keep our homes reflects our personality and influences our outlook on life. Make sure our homes always stay Happy and Healthy

Have a beautiful and safe Monsoon. 🙂 

(Pic credit – Google) 

(Disclaimer- This post is written for ‘Happy Homes Blogging Contest‘ in association with Dr. Fixit and Roff India )


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